IAV scientists developed non-infectious Nipah Virus-Like Particles (NiV-VLPs)

The scientific team led by Dr. Mohanan Valiya Veettil, Senior Principal Scientist, IAV developed non-infectious Nipah Virus-Like Particles (NiV-VLPs) that mimic the native NiV in its morphology. These VLPs with a sensitive HiBiT tag can be utilized in a BSL-2 laboratory, to concurrently quantify features of viral binding, entry and evaluate the effectiveness of neutralizing antibodies utilizing NanoBiT technology. This work entitled “Highly sensitive and quantitative HiBiT-tagged Nipah virus-like particles: A platform for rapid antibody neutralization studies” by Dr. Arathi et al., is published in Cell Press Journal-Heliyon. The work represents a significant advancement in the field of Nipah viral research in developing monoclonal antibodies and creating vaccines for not just NiV, but also other potentially harmful viruses.