The Institute of Advanced Virology established in 2019 in the Bio 360 Life Sciences Park, Thonnakkal, Trivandrum by the Government of Kerala is envisioned as an institute of global standards networking Global Virology Institutes with most modern laboratories focusing research, diagnosis and management of emerging and re-emerging infectious viral diseases. It will be a centre of excellence to work in collaboration with international institutions for training and education in the context of research covering basic science and translational research, providing sufficient scientific inputs to enable the prevention and control of viral infections.

The Institute shall have all infrastructure and human resources required to carry out high end research needed to study the virus and viral infections in a multifarious approach. The Institute will strengthen epidemic preparedness, rapid response and risk communication to the public apart from the high-end research in the area of basic as well as translational virology. The Institute shall have the bio-safety level measures to handle high-risk viruses (Bio-safety Level 3 initially and eventually to Level 4).

The campus at Thonnakkal, Thiruvananthapuram, has two phases, Phase I and Phase II consisting of Phase IA Prefab building (25,000 sq.ft.) of 2 floors housing Administrative block, Bio labs, Common Instrumentation room, Bio-safety level facilities and Diagnostic facilities and Phase IB main building (78,000 sq.ft.) of 3 floors with Administrative block, Bio labs, Bio safety level facilities and functional division.

The key ingredients for the future development is to attract talented young scientists to join the research team; to nurture healthy and stimulating scientific environment; to encourage friendly competition, fruitful collaborations and free discussions; to take full advantage of scientific exchange and cooperation with both national and international scientists, especially in the emerging interdisciplinary areas.

The Institute is envisaged to become a center of excellence in research in advanced virology research, to act as a platform for productive scientific exchange at the most advanced international level, to build up a basis for fostering and bringing up young talents, so as to play a crucial role in addressing local, national and global needs in virology research and make important contributions to science in the world scale.

The functioning of the activities of Institute of Advanced Virology (IAV) was declared by the Hon’ble Chief Minister on October 15, 2020.